Development Process

Each development project is unique. To ensure the success of each engagement, BlueOcean Soft applies its consistent, proven development process to each project to ensure that it runs efficiently, adheres to specified budgets, produces the desired outcome, delivers a return on your investment and supports your business goals.

Phase I: Discovery

This is a formal process in which members of our business analysis, project management and technical teams meet with your key team members to help us gain a clear understanding of your business processes, strategic goals, technology and process challenges, existing resources and budget so we can develop a solution that best meets your needs.

From it, the following operating documents are created:

  • Statement of Work Development: This document defines all aspects of the project including interaction, level of services, milestones, expectations and payment terms.
  • Definition of Points of Contact: To ensure success and efficiency, we define the key point of contact for both BlueOcean Soft and your team so communications run smoothly.
  • Project Planning: In this phase we provide a detailed project plan that identifies resources, a high-level project plan, execution methodology and quality control approach.

Phase II: Execution

During this phase, we take the foundational elements developed in Phase I and utilize them as the blueprints for the development of your business solution. This phase consists of:

  • Kick-off Meeting: The kick-off meeting brings together all key personnel who will be involved in the project. This step clarifies roles and responsibilities, addresses project assumptions and acts as a formal launch of the project development process.
  • Prototyping & Requirements: We ensure that all team members understand the scope of the project and serves as the basis for translation of business requirements to actual product features and functionality.
  • Database & Architectural Design: In this step, the features and product functionality are defined and mapped from a technical perspective. No programming begins until the design phase is complete.
  • Develop & Test: In this step, the requirements are built into your custom business solution in a process that includes stringent, ongoing testing and validation. BlueOcean Soft provides regular reports and conducts regular meetings to discuss project status, roadblocks and changes to scope.

Phase II: Acceptance Testing

After development and comprehensive testing has been completed, the product is delivered to the client for review and identification of any remaining exceptions or bugs.

Phase III: Final Development

After the client has provided final feedback and reported bugs and exceptions, all problems are corrected and the system is retested to ensure that it meets all requirements.

Phase IV: Product Integration & Launch

Once all exceptions have been corrected and the client signs off on the development phase, we will begin to integrate the new solution into your business processes and existing technology systems. We adhere to the integration and launch plan to minimize business interruption and system downtime.